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Treating Retinal Tears

A retinal tear can happen at any age and without any warning. If you are experiencing sudden changes in vision, including floaters and flashers, contact the retina specialists at Desert Retina Consultants for prompt diagnosis and treatment of retinal tears or detachments.

What is a torn or detached retina?

Almost all retinal detachments start from a small retinal tear. In either instance, the retina will not function if it separates from its blood supply.. Retinal detachments can occur suddenly for various reasons, including aging, eye surgery, and eye injury. Symptoms include:

Retinal detachments require an evaluation and immediate treatment to minimize severe vision loss. 

Retinal Detachment

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Retinal Tear

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Retinal Tear / Retinal Detachment

What are the symptoms of retinal detachments?

  • Sudden flashing lights
  • Multiple “floaters” in the eye
  • Shadow on the side of the eye that may progress towards the center of vision.
  • Gray curtain covering part of the field of vision

What are the risk factors for retinal detachment?

  • Extreme nearsightedness
  • Eye injury or trauma
  • Previous eye surgery
  • Family history
  • Advanced diabetes
  • Aging
  • Eye disease or disorders like retinoschisis, uveitis, degenerative myopia, or lattice degeneration

How are Retinal Detachments Treated?

Most retinal detachments can be treated successfully by a variety of methods. Some retinal detachments can be successfully treated with laser retinopexy, specifically if localized. However, if laser treatment is not successful or is not an option, Desert Retina Consultants can perform surgery to repair the retina and prevent serious visual consequences.

In-office Retina Treatments:

Surgical Treatments

FAQ: Retinal Detachments and Retinal Tears

A retinal tear can cause vision loss and even permanent blindness if severe and left untreated. If you have any symptoms of retinal detachment, we encourage you to call our office immediately at 760-327-6225. The team at Desert Retina Consultants can diagnose and treat tears quickly, improving vision outcomes and avoiding total vision loss.

A retinal tear is considered an emergency. Call the offices of Desert Retina Consultants right away if you expect you have a retinal tear or detachment.

Your retina specialist will confirm the length of time you will need to recover from your retinal tear. Patients generally need two weeks or more for recovery. However, patients can often resume some of their normal activities within a few days – as long as they avoid heavy lifting and other more strenuous activities.


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